Magnesite liquida perché la odiano tutti

Why does everyone hate liquid chalk?

If up until now you have always been reticent about using liquid chalk , now is the time to change your mind. In the COVID-19 era, with increasingly evident environmental degradation and an increasing number of climbers both in natural areas and in the gym, using liquid chalk is the best choice to make. Do not you believe it? Continue reading, we will explain all its advantages.

Why change?

We imagine it: you are probably "fond" of the bag full of powdered chalk , a consolidated habit for years, why change?

Well, first of all for the mess: it's no secret that climbing chalk creates a lot of it. Even if you have been using it for a long time, you know that when you apply it it gets everywhere and on everyone, no matter how careful you are. This is not only a waste, but also a health risk, especially if you use it in the gym.

This is why choosing liquid chalk : it is the only one that, having a low emission into the air, makes it ideal for indoor climbers, where no one will ever be forced to train and breathe in the middle of a suffocating white cloud!

The impact on the environment is also very important: our liquid chalk is the only one that leaves no residue when you climb on rock or dust floating in the air. Furthermore, it has been shown that being low emission it is generally less expensive, because you only use as much as you need, no more, no less!

Do you still have doubts? The performance of liquid chalk is better! Yes, we know that in the past people thought the opposite, but the new liquid chalks are fantastic! For example, ours is developed to not have the "heel" effect that all the others have, just put a small amount and you will notice the difference while bouldering or climbing the wall in the gym!

Think how wonderful it is: climbing becomes more effective and fluid because you don't have to stop every now and then to apply new one to your hands and so your performance improves... yes, if it improves!

If, however, you really don't want to give up loose chalk and prefer to go step by step, just use liquid chalk as the base layer and only small quantities of powdered chalk on the top. This way you waste less product, make less mess and maximize grip!

Still not convinced?

Last reason why using liquid chalk is better: hygiene . Especially in times of Covid, it's important to be careful not to spread loose chalk everywhere. If you want to share it with a climbing buddy, you can do so safely and hygienically, without immersing your hands in the same bag or bucket. No shared contact is necessary.

A few more details: LazyGhost liquid chalk in a tube is perfect for the most demanding climbers: it dries in a few seconds and stays on the hands for a long time, improving grip. Furthermore, thanks to a percentage of more than 70% alcohol, it sanitizes with each use. Not only that: the quality of the ingredients guarantees a high level of performance and the fact that it is composed of pure magnesium carbonate does not put your health at risk.

By using our product you will not only be more comfortable, but you will be protecting yourself and others from the virus, making outdoor or indoor climbing safer and more fun. We hope we have answered your question about “why does everyone hate liquid chalk?”. Now, it's time to try it!

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