Liquid Magnesite


Tired of your hands slipping while doing sports? The solution is here with Liquid Magnesite! This product is simply fantastic for improving hand grip both in the gym and outdoors. Whether you are passionate about climbing, yoga, weights or more, Liquid Magnesite is what you need!

Ingredients : Pure magnesium carbonate, isopropyl alcohol, water

What makes Liquid Magnesite so special? The answer is simple: our highest quality ingredients. We use only the purest magnesium carbonate and isopropyl alcohol. This combination allows us to guarantee a high level of performance and an excellent effect on the hands. You don't have to worry about your health, because our chalk is completely safe.

  • Maximum grip: This product takes care of your hands, offering a firm and safe grip. Forget about the feeling of slippery!
  • Exceptional performance: Thanks to the high quality of our ingredients, Liquid Magnesite will give you maximum performance. Whether you are in the gym or immersed in nature, you can achieve your goals without limits!

Packaged in a practical 100ml bottle, Liquid Magnesite is easily transportable wherever you go. Don't be afraid to throw it in your gym bag or backpack for your outdoor adventures.

Don't let your hands slip while doing what you love! Choose Liquid Magnesite and reach new performance heights!